Wingfoiling Course
in Tenerife, Spain

This Wingfoiling course in Tenerife allows you discover one of the latest watersports with caracteristics similar to kite and windsurfing. After a brief introduction to the Wing, your experienced instructors will show you the structure, set-up and how to manage it on land. Thanks to the flat water conditions, hydrofoil boards are used from the first trials in the water. These beginner hydrofoil boards have wide bases for more stability.  Thanks to these facilitated conditions the first ‘flights’ over the water happen quite rapidly. Then lessons continue to jibing and riding switch, tacking and an infinite variety of tricks.

Wingfoiling course:
Theory and Land practice

This course for beginners or advanced starts with a brief theory on the Wing and the sports in general. Students are taught how to set-up the Wing, as well as all the equipment.

The instructor shows the technique for holding the Wing in the air. And after practicing the positions for the various directions, you learn how to switch these positions for changing directions.

Wingfoil lesson El Médano
Wingfoil lesson El Médano beach
Wingfoiling course in Tenerife
Learning on foils with wide bases

Wingfoiling Course:
Learning on Flat water and Boat support

Once you master to manage the Wing, it is time to enter the water for the first attempts on big and stable boards. This will take you to ride in both directions.

We then move on to hydrofoil boards, starting with wide bases for better stability.

Wingfoiling course:
Jibing, Switch, and Tricks

Finally, when you acquire the coordination of the Wing with the board, it is time to try the advanced foil boards. From then on, practicing different tricks will make you become part of the evolution of this new sport.

Wingfoiling switch in Tenerife
Wingfoiling switch in Tenerife


About Learning to Wingfoil in Tenerife

Wingfoiling is a sport developed recently similar to Windsurfing and a bit of kiting. It uses the propulsion of the Wing, an inflatable sail that is not attached to the board. The boards are hydrofoil, also a relatively recent development in sailing sports that allow a lift above the water and a resulting ‘flight’ with higher speed.

The difficulty depends on the experience that the student has with other watersports. The most similar is windsurfing, but kitesurfing and all board sports, especially hydrofoiling, can help learn more quickly.

Windsurfers and kite foilers can learn Wingfoiling in a couple of hours. A person that has no experience in other wind or board sports can take over 8 hours. But it all depends on the student’s physical and technical conditions.

The course includes all the special equipment for learning easily, such as latest Duotone Wings and all personal gear. Transfers to the Granadilla spot, as well as boat support and eventually 2-way radio helmets are also included in the lessons at the harbour.

The school is open every day year round. So you can just pick a date or a week where you want to be in Tenerife and check for availability. The spot is located in El Médano, Spain. It is 10 minutes drive from the Tenerife Sur Airport.