Windsurfing Course
in Vieste, Italy

Come to Vieste in Gargano, Italy and enjoy learning Windsurfing. This Swiss owned school has been offering a service with VDWS certified quality for over 10 years in Puglia. The shallow water spot guarantees the safety, as well as a more rapid learning process. For this matter also, simulators are being used on the beach before trying the exercises in the water where boards are less stable. The proposed private and semi-private formulas allow for a personalized attention and content, and flexibility for the times of the lessons.

Windsurfing Course:
Theory and Land Simulator

Introductory or intermediate Windsurf course that starts with basic theory on the wind and sailing sports. Safety procedures and practices for all levels explained before rigging the sail and preparing to enter the water.

We use a simulator on land to practice the technical aspects in stable conditions. This leads to a faster assimilation and major success of the execution in the water.

Winsurf group course
Windsurf simulator
Windsurf Semi-private
Windsurf semi-private course

Windsurfing Course:
Riding and Basic Turns

The first trials for beginners happen in shallow water which makes it easier to get up on the board. When students reach the level of riding in both directions for a certain distance, the practice moves to deeper water but always followed closely by the teacher who can give instructions in real-time.

Windsurfing course:
Advanced Progression

Intermediate and advanced students can learn the next steps that include Fast Tacking, Jibing, Beach-starting and Water-starting. All instructors being VDWS licensed, they will make sure that all these more advanced exercises are practiced according to the students’ levels and in full safety.

Windsurfing in waves
Winsurfing in waves


About the Windsurfing Course in Vieste

Anybody who is willing to learn a new watersport that will give enourmous satisfaction. From 7 years of age and 25kg to no other specific limit, all can enjoy this challenge. Also, the course can be attended by all levels, from beginners, to intermediate windsurfers who want to progress further.

It is a fairly easy sport to have the initial results. Riding back and forth can be learnt in less than an hour for the fastest students. In 3 hours most beginners become independent and can rent equipment. But reaching an advanced level (waterstarts and jibes with funboards) can take years because it is a very technical sport at those levels.

The school is normally open every day from April 1st to October 15th. So you can just pick a date or a week where you want to be in Vieste and check for availability. Please contact us for details, or directly book your course from the above widget.

The course includes all the special equipment for learning easily, such as ultra-light sails and all personal gear that can also fit small kids. And you also get one hour of free rental after you complete the course, so you can practice what you have learnt.

The school is located in Cala Azzurra, Lungomare Vieste-Peschici km5, Vieste (FG), Italy. It is next of the mountainous Gargano national park, in Puglia. Vieste can be reached by bus from Foggia. The closest airport is Bari.