Watersports Courses and destinations

Fina Travels proposes Watersports courses such as Windsurfing, and E-Foiling for beginners and advanced in various destinations in Europe and around the world.

E-foiling is a great a way to get introduced in the foiling world. It allows you to fcus on the board only, wthout worrying about managing and using the sail (kite, windsurf, or wing) for propulsion. E-foiling is offered at the Pura Vida Pro Center in Mallorca, and at Garganosurf in Vieste.

Windsurfing, the most tradition of watersports  is taught in Vieste, Italy, as well as in our year-round destination of Tenerife, Canary Islands where we offer all wind and wave sports, namely Wingfoiling, Windsurfing, Wave Surfing, and Wake foiling.  


Watersports courses: E-Foil
in Mallorca

The Electric Foil board allows you to take off from the water thanks to the propeller positioned underwater, close to the hydrofoil.

In this course you will learn how to gradually increase the speed through the joystick, from lying to standing up on the board, you will ultimately start flying over the water.  


Our Windsurfing courses are managed by this Swiss school that has been offering a service of VDWS certified quality for over 10 years in Vieste. The shallow water spot guarantees the safety, as well as a more rapid learning process.

For this matter also, simulators are being used on the beach before trying the exercises in the water where boards are less stable. The proposed private and semi-private formulas allow for a personalized attention and content, and flexibility for the scheduling of the lessons.

wind surfing, sail, kiting

Watersports courses: Wave Surfing and SUP

Come learn the most classic of all watersports, wave Surfing. We offer lessons for children and the whole family with special boogie boards and soft surf boards for a safe and fun shared experience.

The more recent Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding can also be experimented by people of all ages. The internationally licensed instructors introduce you to this wonderful sport that allows you to enjoy both flat waters and waves.

surfing, sunset, waves
Wave Surfing


About Watersport Lessons:

Watersports are outdoor activities practiced in the water. We offer mostly wind and board sports at the moment, but other watersports like swimming, diving, rowing or kayaking are also recommended. 

Waterports can be practiced by anybody of any age. Courses with the professionalism of the licensed instructors can also help students become more comfortable in the water and improve swimming abilities, for those who need it.

Being an outdoor activity, watersports allow exercising in fresh open air. Moreover, the contact with water and salt water in particular has demonstrated benifits for the body. 

Our courses take place in the selected destinations such as Vieste and Salento in Puglia, Italy. We currently offer courses mostly in the sea, but they can also be practiced in lakes and rivers.

Watersports are seasonal and our courses take place during warm times for a better enjoyment. However, it is also possible to practice in colder weather with the correct equipment. Wind sports obviously require wind, and surfing requires waves. So ultimately it is Nature that  decides when it is time to go out and have fun : )