Semi-private Kitesurf Course
in Vieste, Puglia

Share a memorable experience with your travel partner or family member by signing up to this beginner or advanced Kitesurf course. The semi-private formula is limited to 2 persons for a more personalized content of the course and faster learning. Safety is guaranteed by the shallow water spot, and boat support with radio helmets for advanced lessons. The internationally licensed and experienced instructors will guide you to your progression in the Kitesurfing world.

Semi-private Kitesurf Course:

Basic Theory, Safety, and Kite control

This course begins with a brief theory with content according to your level. The instructor goes over the set-up of the kite and lines, as well as the safety systems on the control bar.

It is then time for working on kite control. Special kites are used for beginners, with less power and increased reactivity for a faster learning process. This exercise is practiced in shallow water for better safety.

Garganosurf Kite control
Kite Control

Semi-private Kitesurf Course:


Next come the body-drags. There you can improve your kite controlling skills with upwind bodydragging for board recovery.  

Then we start with power strokes for waterstarts. At that moment, you will feef the pulls on your harness but within the safety of the water. The instructor will stay with you until you will manage to execute the exercise autonomously.

Semi-Private Kitesurf Course:

Waterstart, Riding and more

We then reach the phase of introducing with the board. After learning to bodydrag by holding the board, the instructor will show how to put the board in your feet and take the starting position. It will then be time for steady pulls, until you learn coordinating the kite and board for attempting the waterstart.

Once you start standing up, the boat will be following you with the teacher that will be giving you instructions through the radio helmet for real time advice. With this system, the next steps of riding in both directions, stopping and transitioning, as well as the more advanced maneuvers can be learnt in a safe and efficient way.

Learning to Waterstart


About Semi-Private Kitesurf Courses.

At Garganosurf children can start taking Kiteboarding lessons from 9 years old, and 30 kg.

The participating kids need to know how to swim.

Participant kids only need to bring a bathing suit and sun protection. But for hygiene and current requirement purposes, if they have their own wetsuit they are more than welcome to wear it.

Lessons can last from 1 to 2 hours, generally a bit longer for semi-private compared to private courses.

All group courses are semi-private, with a maximum of 2 participants. They must be sisblings or friends.