Vieste, Puglia:
Kitesurf Courses and rentals

Join us in Vieste, Puglia for Kitesurf Courses and rental services. In this destination, we proudly partner with the biggest school in Gargano, led by former Kiteboarding World Champion Astrid Berz. Therefore all instructors are specially trained according to her level of experience.  Moreover, the lessons take place in shallow water, or with boat support and radio helmets for secure and fast learning.

Great opportunity for kids to learn kiteboarding with a school specialized in teaching children. To make it easy, we offer group or private lessons in the full safety of the shallow spot as well as boat and radio helmets.

Also, all instructors are specially trained, licensed internationally, experienced and multilingual. So they will take your kids into the world of Kitesurfing with a focus on safety, playful learning and practical exercises.

Kitesurf kids
Kitesurfing course for kids
Kite launch
Kitesurfing course in Vieste

Share a memorable experience with your travel partner or family member by signing up to this beginner or advanced course. The proposed semi-private formula is limited to 2 persons for a more personalized content of the course and faster learning.

With it, safety is guaranteed by the shallow water spot, and boat support with radio helmets for advanced lessons. And the internationally licensed and experienced instructors will guide you to your progression in the Kitesurfing world.

Hydrofoil, Softkite, or Freestyle

For advanced Kitesurfers who want to try new variations of the sport. All these advanced Kitesurf Courses require a minimum level of good handling of the kite and board.

Hydrofoiling uses boards that will allow you take-off from the water and kite with very light wind. Similarily, Softkites as well give you the ability to riide in low wind conditions, and the two can be combined.

On the other hand, Freestyling requires C-shaped types of kites. This course requires a demonstrated capability to jump and perform some basic tricks. 

Kite foiling in Vieste
Kite foiling in Vieste


About Kitesurfing in Vieste, Puglia.

Vieste is located in the eastern most point of the promontory formed by the Gargano national park in the “Spur of the boot” of Italy:

The geography of the spot on the Adriatic Sea assures warm temperatures and constant winds, which are essential for Kitesurfing and other Watersports. Winds are typically medium to light, making it easy conditions for learning. Also, you have one of the most experienced schools with a flat and shallow water spot for lessons. Finally, boat support secures the safety for adavanced lessons as well as lift service.

You can take a train to Foggia and a bus with Cotrap to Vieste. Or fly to Bari and take a shuttle bus service, or rent a car and drive to Vieste. Both rides take around 2,5 hours. Napoli can also be an alternative airport, although a bit further.

The school is generally open from April 1st to October 15th. Check for availability with us.