Kitesurfing Courses and Destinations

Fina Travels proposes Kitesurfing courses for beginners and advanced in various destinations in Europe and around the world.

From Easter 2024 we will open our new destination of Alcudia, in the north of the island of Mallorca. The biggest of the Balearic islands is blessed with constant thermal winds from end of March to the end of August. We will be managing the Pura Vida school, offering both Kitesurf and Wingfoiling lessons with ideal conditions in the Bay of Pollensa

Since last summer, Vieste in Puglia has become a prime destination, as Fina’s founder Giulio Olivieri managed the kite station for Garganosurf. Specialized in Kitesurf Courses for Kids, and Hydrofoiling. All are private or Semi-private courses.

But equally inspiring are the other Italian destinations of Lo Stagnone in Sicily and Salento. Respectively, the schools offer Kitesurf Discovery and Full Courses, as well as Special Advanced Courses. Both schools in the 2 destinatiions are run by colleague friends who will professionally serve for your Kiteboarding progression and a great local life experience.

From May 2023 we have launched Obidos near Lisbon, and the Algarve in the south of Portugal, as new destinations,  the Obidos lagoon presents great conditions for Kitesurfing lessons.  Butter flat and shallow water coupled with the Nortada wind that blow regularly during the summer months make it a reliable spot for practice. All along the West coast of Portugal you can find world class surfing waves , and in the South coast of the Algarve are amazing sea caves for SUP tours.

From winter 2021/22 Fina Travels launched the destination of El Médano in Tenerife, Spain. It has constant trade winds and nice waves making it a year-round Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Wingfoiling spot. The Duotone Pro Center is the local partner school, and offers private and semi-private lessons in all 3 sports.


From mid-December 2022 we launched Zanzibar, Tanzania as a travel destination, with Jambiani as the Kitesurfing spot. Located in the south-eastern coast of the island, the spot is blessed with constant winds both in the winter and summer, and a huge waist-deep lagoon protected by a reef.

Bay of Pollensa

Winds blow year round in Mallorca. From end of March to September the Embat, thermal wind, becomes predominant and secures reliable conditions for beginners and freestylers in the Bay of Pollensa.  The spring, winter, and fall months are varied with more stormy winds and waves that make fun conditions for advanced riders.

We partner with Pura Vida Kite and Wingfoil school and offer gear from a world-leading brand, and professional service. On top of Kite and Wing, the center also offers E-foil lessons (integrated in the Wingfoiling courses) and rentals, and SUP tours

This scenic destination offers a spot located just a few kilometers from the town of Vieste. In this location you will enjoy excellent conditions for learning Kiteboarding thanks to the flat and shallow water and constant winds.

Our partner school led by former World Champion Astrid Berz has around 20 years of teaching experience. Among other disciplines, the school specializes in Kite courses for children. Furthermore, it is one of the first and few schools in Italy that offers courses in Hydrofoiling for Kite, Wind, and Wing surfing

puglia, vieste, gargano
Gargano, Puglia

Year-round trade winds and waves, with warm temperatures make El Médano a very attractive European destination.

We partner with the Duotone Pro Center Tenerife and offer gear from a top brand, and professional service. On top of Kiteboarding, the center also offers Wingfoiling, Windsurfing, and Surfing lessons and rentals.

Winds blow year round in Obidos. From May to October the Nortada becomes predominant and secures reliable conditions for beginners and freestylers in the Obidos lagoon.  The winter months are varied with more South winds and waves that make fun conditions for advanced riders.

We partner with the best local school and offer gear from a world-leading brand, and professional service. On top of Kiteboarding, the center also offers  SUP tours, and Surfing lessons and rentals. 

Kiter in Sunset
Lo Stagnone, Sicily

Take advantage of ideal conditions for Kitesurf Discovery and Progression courses in the shallow lagoon of Lo Stagnone.

Given these conditions, from beginners to Freestyle pro riders, all can enjoy the safety and easiness of the warm and windy spot almost year round

Our partner school in Salento offers Kitesurfing courses in 2 different spots, so taking advantage of all wind directions.

The main spot of Torre San Giovanni is on the Ionian Sea where lessons take place from the boat. On the other side of the peninsula, in Frigole lessons are run directly on the beach, on the Adriatic Sea.


About Kitesurfing Courses in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Zanzibar.

Italy has many Kitesurfing spots but we have selected the ones with great learning conditions. Moreover, the destinations of Vieste, Marsala and Salento can offer the possibility of a particular cultural experience in the local community.

All of our destinations are good for learning, but Mallorca (from end of March to September), Zanzibar (winter and summer), Obidos, Vieste and Lo Stagnone (summer) offer the easiest conditions for beginners with shallow and flat water, as well as great safety.

We recommend booking the full 6-hour courses in all of our destinations, which are good for all levels in private or semi-private formulas. They can generally be completed within a week, and more hours can be added on the spot.

Garganosurf in Vieste, Puglia definitely guarantees great satisfaction by being a specialized school for kids. Special equipment and formation of instructors will make a wonderful experience for your children.

All destinations offer awesome advanced courses. But worth mentioning, El Médano offers Straplless Kite Wave, as well as Wing foiling. Lo Stagnone is a great spot for Freestylers, and Mallorca and Vieste offer new disciplines such as Kite foiling and Wingsurfing.