Kitesurf Lessons in
Mallorca, Spain

Join us in Alcudia for Kitesurf lessons in Mallorca. We offer courses and rental services in partnership with the Pura Vida Kitesurf Pro Center. The equipment is of a prime brand with top quality. All instructors have international experience, licensed and multilingual.  Moreover, the lessons are conducted with  2-way radio helmets for secure and fast learning.

Kitesurf Lessons Mallorca:
Basic to Advanced course

Come learn with our partner school specialized in the fascinating discipline of Kteboarding. We offer 2-hour group lessons in the beginner friendly Bay of Pollensa near Alcudia in the north of the island. 

All instructors are licensed internationally, experienced and multilingual. They will introduce you, or take you to the next level of Kiteboarding with a focus in safety, and step by step approach.

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Kitesurf Lessons Mallorca: Private course

This one-to-one Kiteboarding lessons allow you to progress at your own pace. The experienced instructor will evaluate your level and et up the learning goal with you. You will be guided through the fundamental steps for a faster learning process.

From first timers to intermediate and advanced riders, the safe and easy Bay of Pollensa will become the setting of your memorable Kitesurfing achievements.

Kitesurf Lessons Mallorca: Boat assisted course

For advanced students, these lessons with boat support take in an area with plenty of space to practice your riding and tricks. 

You will be able to focus on your skills without worrying about other beginners around, or walking up upwind. 

Thanks to the boat, it is possible to conduct the lessons with all wind directions. 

Kitefoil jump
Kitefoil jump

Kitesurf Lessons Mallorca: Kite foil course

For advanced Kitesurfers who want to try new variations of the sport. This Kite Foil Course requires a minimum level of good handling of the kite and board.

Hydrofoiling uses boards that will allow you take-off from the water and kite with very light wind. Once on the board, thanks to low attrition with the water you will be able to reach high speeds. 

Kite foiling is being used for Formula Kite racing (class chosen for the 2024 Summer Olympics), as well as Big Air and Freestyle jumping competitions.


About Kitesurfing in Mallorca

The Bay of Pollensa near Alcudia is the main spot for Kitesurfing in Mallorca. It is located at 45 minutes from Palma de Mallorca, in the North of the island. Other spots in the South are also good in winter months when wind blows from the south.

Kitesurfing schools in Alcudia offer courses for complete beginners, and all the way to advanced lessons. But given the light wind conditions, we can say that it is a spot suitable for beginners, as ell as for more advanced Kite foilers.

The wind is pretty light in Alcudia, and varies between 10 and 15 knots. So bigger sizes are recommended, between 12m and 17m generally, also depending on your board. During the stormy days in the winter winds can be much stronger so smaller kites are better.

The winter seasons bring stronger and less constant wind, so can be better for advanced riders. Summers are more constant and light, which leads to slower movements that make it easier to learn. 

Alcudia offers constant thermal winds throughout the summer. Already in the spring time the temperatures are mild and the wind will surely offer at least a few kiting days per week. It is also possible to try other waterports like Wingfoiling in the same spot, and plenty of activities available in the beautiful island on less windy days.