Kitesurf Discovery in Sicily

Enjoy this introductory course for Kitesurf discovery in Sicily, with full safety in the shallow and flat lagoon of Lo Stagnone. And to further guarantee this fun experience, all instructors are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) licensed, experienced and multilingual. They will take you step-by-step to the first sensations of power generated by the Kite, so you can have a taste of this wonderful sport.

Kitesurf Discovery in Sicily:

Theory and Set-up

This Kitesurfing introductory course starts with a brief theoretical explanation of the functioning of the kite itself in the air (structure, aerodynamics) and of the other necessary elements for practicing the sport (weather, spot, gear).

Next, you will learn to set-up the kite, by inflating it and connecting the lines to it. Also, the various safety systems of the control bar will be demonstrated by the instructor, and tried yourself.

SKC Theory
Introduction to Kiteboarding
SKC Water lesson
Lesson in shallow water

Kitesurf Discovery in Sicily:

First piloting and Power zone

It is then time for the first piloting of the kite in the wind window. For this phase, trainer kites will be used, generating less power for better safety, and with more reactivity for a faster learning process.

Once you acquire the necessary control of the kite, the instructor will take you to the water and begin entering the power zone for feeling the first pulls on your harness.

Kitesurf Discovery in Sicily:

Ready for a full course

This initial experience with Kiteboarding will allow you to decide wether to continue and sign up with a full beginner course, which will take you to the first board attempts. It is possible to integrate this lesson to the hours of the full course.

Kite lesson
Full Beginner course


About the Kitesurf Discovery Course in Sicily.

The course will teach you the basic theory and safety for practicing Kiteboarding. You will understand how to control the kite both in a still position and in the power zone dragged in the water. It will help you decide to take a full course, or simply try another activity.

This lesson is meant for total beginners of all ages above 12 years old. No previous experience in water or wind sports is required.

The school is located right on the lagoon of Lo Stagnone in Marsala. It can be easily reached through the airports of Birgi (Trapani) and Palermo.

You can book the course right now directly on this website. The school is open from April to October, and you can just check on the availabilities or contact us at

Lo Stagnone offers optimal conditions for safety and easiness of learning Kiteboarding, as well as warm climate and good wind statistics. Our partner school is staffed with experienced instructors and is located on a prime spot of the lagoon, with parking available.