Kitesurf Course for Kids

Kitesurfing course for kids in Vieste, Italy with a school specialized for teaching children this wonderful sport. We offer private or semi-private lessons, so the kids can share this memorable experience with siblings or friends in the full safety of shallow water, or lessons from the boat with radio helmets. Moreover, all instructors are specially trained, licensed internationally, experienced and multilingual. They will therefore take your kids into the world of Kitesurfing with focus on safety, playful learning and practical exercises.

Kitesurf Course for Kids:

Basic Theory and Safety
and Kite control

This special course for children starts with a brief theoretical explanation of the functioning of the kite itself and of the other necessary elements for practicing the sport. The kids will see how to set-up the kite, by inflating it and connecting the lines to it. Also, the various safety systems of the bar will be demonstrated by the instructor, and tried themselves.

It is then time for learning to control the kite in the air. Special trainer kites will be used, generating less power for better safety, and with more reactivity for a faster learning process. They will practice by standing in shallow water, so no need to worry about falling down.

Garganosurf Kite control
Kite Control

Kitesurf Course for Kids:


The kids will then begin entering the power zone with the kite, so consequently feeling the first pulls on their harness. In this fun exercise, they will be dragged by the kite in the water.

All the while the instructors will stay close to them, up to the point where the students will manage to the exercise autonomously

Kitesurf Course for Kids:

Waterstart and Riding

In the following phase, the kids will proceed to Water-starting (generally in the 10-hour private course only). They will be learning to put their feet into the board foot-straps and to control the board in front of them.

It is then time for doing power strokes and standing up on the board. After a few attempts, the lesson is taken in deeper water and with the support of the boat and radio helmets. And thanks to this real time instruction system, the lucky ones will be experiencing their first rides!

Learning to Waterstart


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At Garganosurf children can start taking Kiteboarding lessons from 9 years old, and 30 kg.

The participating kids need to know how to swim.

Participant kids only need to bring a bathing suit and sun protection. But for hygiene and current requirement purposes, if they have their own wetsuit they are more than welcome to wear it.

Lessons can last from 1 to 2 hours, generally a bit longer for semi-private compared to private courses.

All group courses are semi-private, with a maximum of 2 participants. They must be sisblings or friends.