Hydrofoil Kitesurf Course

For Kitesurfers who want to learn a way to kite in lighter winds, this Hydrofoil Kitesurf course in Vieste is just what will make it happen. The licensed instructors introduce you to the Hydrofoil board and its safe hangling procedures on the beach. After which you will bodydrag out in deep enough water with the board and try waterstarting by following the instructions given via radio helmet. This system guarantees faster learning with immediate corrections. By the end of the course students normally reach the level of floating above the water and riding a short distance, or more.

Hydrofoil Kitesurf Course: Theory and Safety

A brief theory on the Hydrofoil board and safe handling mentally prepares the student to this new sport.

Also, about Kitefoiling, the instructor explains the difference from regular Kiteboarding in the board management during waterstart and weight distribution while riding.

Hydrofoil board
Hydrofoil board
Hydrofoil Kitesurfing

Hydrofoil Kitesurf Course:

Body-dragging and first attempts

Followingly, students bodydrag with the foil board until deep enough water. The first attempts are carefully instructed by the teacher that is constantly connected to the student via radio helmet.

It is important that students have the level of relaunching the kite in very light wind conditions, when hydrofoiling is often practiced.

Hydrofoil Kitesurf Course:

Waterstart and Riding

Learning to waterstart and to ride with the Hydrofoil board is a matter of changing the handling of the board with the weight for take-off and maintaining the floatation above the water.

Once this is acquired after a couple of hours of lessons, it will come easier to progress to riding upwind and downwind in the following couple of hours as well.

Kite foiling in Vieste
Kite foiling in Vieste


About our Hydrofoil Kitesurfing Course.

Students need to know how to relaunch the kite in ultralight wind conditions, and need to know how to handle the kite and board in a coordinated and safe way.

Participants only need to bring a bathing suit and sun protection. But for hygiene and current requirement purposes, if they have their own wetsuit they are more than welcome to wear it.

Lessons can last from 1 to 2 hours.

All group courses are semi-private, with a maximum of 2 participants. They must be sisblings or friends.