Your watersport and outdoor experiences

Fina Travels proposes a variety of Kitesurfing, Watersports and Outdoor Experiences for all levels in various destinations in Italy and around the world.

We have launched a number of activities in Tenerife, Spain this winter. And we will be happy to continue these proposals year long, as the Canary Islands allow for travel services all seasons.

Vieste in Puglia will be the featured destination for this coming summer again. In effect, Fina’s founder Giulio Olivieri will be back to manage the kite station for Garganosurf after last year’s successful collaboration.

Kitesurfing Experiences:

Kiteboarding courses for all levels in Vieste, Puglia, Tenerife, Spain, and Lo Stagnone, Sicily:

Watersport Experiences:

From Wingsurfing or E-foiling in Vieste, Wingfoiling in Tenerife and Windsurfing in Gargano, you have the choice !

Outdoor Experiences:

Mountain bike and E-bike, as well as Walking and Trekking guided tours in Valli di Lanzo and the Langhe (Piedmont), Vieste (Puglia), and Switzerland.

Transformational Experience - Mountain biking


About Your Fina Travel Experiences.

Fina Travel Experiences are mostly made of lessons or courses in Watersports, or excursions Outdoors. Because the activities depend on climate conditions, they take place in destinations with seasonal periods. They aim at reconnecting to nature and oneself, with a goal of sustainability and rebalancing. Fina Travels also offers experiences focusing on inter-cultural development through interactions local cultures.

Fina experiences give an opportunity to start a healthy challenge while discovery a new place among vaious destinations. They can bring psychological and physical benefits to one’s conditions for a re-energized life.

At the moment, active Fina destinations include Tenerife, Spain and the following in Italy: Vieste (Gargano), Marsala (Sicily), and Salento (Puglia).

Most activities depend on climate conditions so they are offered during specific seasonl periods. Cultural events as well often depend on specific dates, so please ask us or check the availabilities on each Experience offer.

Experiences are open to anybody who has the requirements specified for each activity.