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The proposed activities aim at Reconnecting with Nature and ourselves. Our transformative travel experiences have direct interaction with the forces and energy of Nature. 

We also propose cultural and dance activities to keep connected socially, and with the historic development of our world society.

With a focus on sustainable and responsible travel we aim at diffusing a proactive response to the ongoing changes worldwide, and to the broader switch to a circular Economy.

We propose mostly outdoor activities for the sake of a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, and reenergizing needs. We offer Kiteboarding and Wingfoiling, as well as other Watersports courses, such as WindsurfingeFoil, wave Surfing, and SUP in our all of our destinations.  

Also, as Transformative travel experiences you can enjoy Outdoor activities such as Mountain biking excursions, or Hiking and Trekking in the hills and mountains of MallorcaPiemonteGargano, and Tenerife.  

And finally, we also popose Cultural activities such as Historic toursDance courses and Events like Salsa and Tango weekends and congresses around Europe and the World. These activities, like the outdoor sports, contribute to a more sustainable tourism from being environmentally and economically friendly to the local community and destination as a whole. Rather than natural elements, cultural activities help reconnect to our historical past as human society. Dancing allows us to connect to Music (that is a form of culture), and socially as well. 

Start your new adventure with transformative travel experiences.

Take on the challenge of discovering new places and people and experiencing a learning and thus evolutionary process. We propose travel experiences that can be sustainable for yourself and for the economy and environment of the travel destinations.

Pick one of our transformational travel experiences and find the destination that most inspire you, or choose your vacation spot and see what activities are being offered.

Red Monkeys

Fina Travels’ partners are carefully selected in each destination in order to provide both a professional and local experience.

We specialize in Kitesurfing, Watersports and Outdoor, but highly value the impact of cultural exchange on personal and social growth as well. We are working on new partnerships so we can offer a wider variety of  destinations and experiencies.

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